Robotics School has completed various projects in the EU and successfully participated in robotics competitions in Washington, DC, China, Mexico, Latvia and Estonia.
Our team’s focus is STEM. The core specialty areas for Robotics School are Engineering, Education and Events:


Machine vision

We make optical systems capable of measuring manufacturing errors in to 0,005mm accuracy by using OpenCV library, accurate telecentric lenses, Lithuanian made guided stages.

Our team has created models, using photogrammetry methods and drone capture, to help architects for factories, museums and investor presentations.

Our created robot, photo-capturing lenticular image, is at work in Norway:

3D modeling and scanning

We do 3D scanning and printing with our rig and our current project is in progress for 4m long 3D printing furniture.

Healthcare mobile app development

Heart rate variability app was programmed by us for preventive healthcare in 5 mobile applications, using mathematical derivatives of the heartbeat.


3D modeling and simulation lessons in 5 languages

Hackathon is planned after pilot testing in Eindhoven, Netherlands in June 2019.

Learn 3D modeling and simulation, using wide-known industry software: SolidWorks, Autodesk Fusion 360, SolidWorks Apps for Kids, and TinkerCAD

Entice students to design, simulate and engineer complex structures, using comic book characters.

FIRST Global

Our teams were active participants in FIRST Global Challenge, International Robotics Olympics, in the US, Mexico, Latvia, Estonia and the 2nd place winners in China.

4th industry revolution preparedness lessons

We developed 18 lessons of current modules course for the modern industry employee to be skilled in automation using Internet of Things (IoT), internet connected spreadsheets and data analytics.


Escape room

  • Escape the nuclear reactor!
  • Use a robot arm to move the radioactive material [pretend]!
  • Get inspired by technology tasks around!